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2022 - 2023 Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic & Career Pathways

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources  ​ 

Immerse yourself in the natural world of wind, water, land, plants and animals through the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources career pathway. Whether you have a passion for pets and livestock, find joy in nurturing the growth of a seed or want to contribute to feeding the world, you will find a program sure to help you achieve your dreams.

Business, Finance, Marketing and Management  

Prepare to thrive in the ever-changing global economy through the Business, Finance, Marketing and Management career pathway. Whether you’re interested in management, sales, accounting, marketing, office administration or even starting your very own business, we have a program that will equip you with the in-demand skills sought after by employers. Our programs emphasize leadership, critical thinking, human relations, marketing and the applied business skills needed to get the job done.

Digital, Visual and Communication Arts  

Express yourself and communicate with a wide variety of audiences creatively using language, art and design in the Applied Digital, Visual and Communication Arts career pathway. Prepare for careers in writing, fine arts, journalism, graphic design, media, advertising, public relations and more. Whatever medium you focus on mastering, you’ll discover the future applications are endless.

Government and Criminal Justice  

Prepare for careers in law, public safety and security, including professional and technical support services, with the Government and Criminal Justice pathway. Serve the public interest, ensure fundamental rights and maintain social order with compassion and critical thinking. Programs include criminal justice, cybersecurity, political science, pre-law and history.

Health Sciences  

Provide highly skilled care and compassion to improve people’s lives with a rewarding career in the Health Sciences pathway. Receive hands-on training in disciplines such as nursing, radiology, sonography, surgical technology, dental assisting, veterinary technology and allied health. Meet the growing need for healthcare professionals while forging a path that will lead to long-term career success.


Human Services and Education  

Help individuals or families meet their personal needs with a career in the Human Services and Education pathway. Through this pathway, you can pursue a number of rewarding careers such as developing young minds through education, delivering top-notch service in the culinary or hospitality industry, or working with the most vulnerable populations as a social worker.

Industrial Technology  

Work with your hands and your mind to problem-solve, build, repair or invent with a career in the Industrial Technology guided pathway. Careers in this pathway include engineering technology, CNC machining, manufacturing and welding. Develop highly sought-after skills focused on safety, innovation and productivity that will lead to a long-lasting career.

Information Solutions  

Make a difference in the lives of consumers, business and industry with a high-demand career in the Information Solutions pathway. Whether you want to specialize in programming, cybersecurity, networking, web development, gaming or augmented and virtual reality, our programs will launch you into a successful career used to power the modern day world.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)  

Use emerging technologies, science and math to understand the planet, solve problems and create innovative methods, ideas or products through the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career pathway. Careers include biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, renewable energy and more. Develop your intellectual curiosity, collaboration skills and critical thinking.

Transportation Technology  

Keep consumers, business and industry moving by ensuring vehicles are in working order with a career in the Transportation Technology pathway. Use your hands and mind to improve, repair or maintain a wide variety of vehicles, including diesel-powered trucks and heavy-duty machinery.