Oct 03, 2023  
2023 - 2024 Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Catalog

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Immerse yourself in the natural world of wind, water, land, plants and animals through the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources career pathway. Whether you have a passion for pets and livestock, find joy in nurturing the growth of a seed or want to contribute to feeding the world, you will find a program sure to help you achieve your dreams.


The transfer majors in agriculture are designed to provide a broad education in the liberal arts with an emphasis on agronomy, animal science, agriculture business or agriculture education. These programs are for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution with a major related to agriculture.

Agriculture Business Transfer Major, AS  

Agriculture Education Transfer Major, AA  

Agriculture Education Transfer Major, AS  

Agronomy Transfer Major, AS  

Animal Science Transfer Major, AS  

Agribusiness Management 

The Agribusiness Management program is a two-year input/supply business management program designed to offer the student an extensive knowledge base about how to serve production agriculture efficiently.  The areas of human relations, sales, and business management are emphasized through hands-on coursework based on industry standards. This program offers four internship opportunities to provide real-world experiences and professional training.

Agribusiness Management, AAS    

Agricultural Science, Diploma   

Conservation and Environmental Science

The Conservation Transfer Pathway is for students seeking transfer to four-year programs with a conservation focus or for those seeking employment in the conservation and/or environmental field. The core of this program includes hands-on courses offered at Nahant Marsh Education Center in Davenport, IA, as well as employment and wilderness experience courses. Students will work alongside professionals in the fields and gain valuable experience to prepare them for a future career protecting our natural world. Students seeking to transfer will plan course selection carefully with their community college advisor and intended transfer institution to complete the requirements of an Associate of Science degree.

Conservation Pathway  

Environmental Science Pathway  

Farm Management

Muscatine Community College’s Farm Management program is a comprehensive 2 year agricultural production program that includes professional training in the classroom and real world experiences. The areas of marketing, risk management, and financial management are emphasized.

The program has highly technical coursework based on industry standards. Professional organizations are included for developing technical skills and leadership. Area agricultural leaders serve as advisory committee members to guide the growth of the program.

Farm Management, AAS    

Environmental, Health, and Safety

The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) program provides students with relevant exposure and information to become key players within an organization. Areas of exploration within the program include environmental health, occupational safety, and compliance. An EHS professional’s primary purpose is to identify, evaluate, control, or eliminate hazardous exposure to people, property, or the environment. Students will learn how to comply with environmental and safety regulations, manage waste streams, and prevent and reduce accidents and health issues within the workplace. The entire degree and various certificates can be completed online.

Environmental, Health, and Safety, AAS   

Environmental, Health, and Safety, Diploma  

Environmental, Health, and Safety, Certificate  

Veterinary Technology

The Veterinary Technician program prepares students to enter the job market as assistants to veterinarians. New technologies in anesthesia, laboratory equipment, diagnostic testing, and medical treatment have vastly improved animal care. To prepare for these responsibilities, the vet tech program at MCC is designed to enable its graduates to perform a variety of functions necessary for the care of animals.

Veterinary Technician, AAS